Colgate Real Estate Advisors prides itself on providing its clients with the power to make knowledgeable decisions concerning their business and individual needs. Combining decades of commercial real estate ownership with professional backgrounds in law, accounting, finance, commercial brokerage, property management, planning and development firms, Colgate’s team can be the difference in helping you navigate the challenging times that lie ahead in your life or business. Having sat on all sides of the negotiating table, we firmly believe that Colgate has an increased business understanding of the mindset of all parties to a transaction, and consequently, a competitive edge that will only enhance our client’s bargaining position.

Colgate approaches all matters with a passion to truly make a meaningful difference for our clients. Being responsive to your needs, creating and adding value and building long term relationships is imperative. Colgate’s primary expertise is on lease restructuring, negotiations, commercial lease agreements, commercial brokerage and expense audit review, in addition to distressed real estate acquisitions, dispositions and due diligence advisory services.

We trust that after your initial no fee consultation, you will find that our personal and sensible approach will be the right fit for you.

Best Regards,

Larry Haber

Chief Executive Officer – Colgate Real Estate Advisors LLC

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