Ascent Youth Alliance to Battle Autism (AYABA) & 4Boyz Autographs to Battle Autism (4Boyz ABA), Brave Goals 4 Autism

Larry H. Haber, Co-Founder & Adult CEO

AYABA, a program of the Ascent School for Autism, is a small army of student volunteers helping local children impacted by autism reach their full potential-by not only raising funds necessary for their education and enhancement of their socialization skills but by promoting awareness, tolerance and acceptance as well. 4Boyz ABA donates autographed memorabilia for AYABA Student Volunteer Fundraisers and other children related charities across Long Island, NYC and New Jersey.

Click on the links below for more information about how you can make a difference for those not as fortunate!

brave goals for autism
AYABA Poster Winner 2013

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