Free Lease Analysis

on site free lease ANALYSIS logo revised office retailColgate Real Estate Advisors offers a free lease analysis and consultation of your commercial lease and recent rent escalation statements, as well as other office, retail and industrial leasing concerns.

Colgate’s team of professionals provide strategic representation and consultation to tenants (and landlords as well), including but not limited to:

  • Lease preparation, review and negotiation
  • Lease Proposals and Letter of Intent Negotiations
  • Commercial Brokerage: Representation for securing new office or retail space or negotiating lease renewal business terms
  • Negotiations of Lease Restructurings, Modifications, Workouts and Terminations
  • Short and Long Term Rental Relief Negotiations
  • Underwriting and analysis of current lease rights and obligations
  • Review of escalation and pass through calculations for taxes, operating expenses, CPI and utilities
  • Advisory Services to businesses concerning their real estate alternatives
  • Lease abstracting
  • Acquisition and Disposition Sales and Advisory Services
  • Sale-Leaseback Transactions

We are confident that as a consequence of wearing many different professional hats over the past 25 years-whether that of an owner, developer, asset manager, general counsel, accountant, broker, CEO or CAO-our team brings to the negotiating table a competitive edge that the challenging times necessitate and demand.

Please contact us for a free consultation to see if our personal and sensible approach is the right fit for your individual and business needs.